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‘Run For Your Life’ new EP from The Show Ponies

(November 11, 2014)

A while ago now FolkWords described The Show Ponies as offering ‘the drive and passion of red Run For Your Life The Show Ponieshot bluegrass-folk driving a distinctly rocky edge’, well more than a few months on there’s no reason to change that view.Their new EP, ‘Run For Your Life’ offers all the above by the bucket-load, with vocals that swoop and soar across the tunes, tight as you like harmonies augmented by frenetic fiddle cuts and banjo breaks that you cannot ignore. No matter what your musical preferences, it’s as clear as day that The Show Ponies have a winner with this one.

As before Andi Carder’s vocals are ‘right there’ and you’re right there with her, from the blistering beginning of ‘Honey, Dog and Home’ through the hook-laden, harmony-rich and pointed guidance of title track ‘Run For Your Life’ and the sing-a-long tongue in cheek humour of ‘Stupid’ to the soft attraction of ‘Get Me While I’m Young’ with its impossible to ignore offer, there’s a plentiful vividness to be enjoyed.

The Show Ponies are Clayton Chaney lead vocal and bass, Andi Carder lead vocal and guitar, Jason Harris banjo, guitar and vocals, Phil Glenn fiddle and Kevin Brown percussion. Website:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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