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‘Make Believing’ by Annie Keating - folk Americana as it should be heard

(November 11, 2014)

An opportunity not to be missed, ‘Make Believing’ is an impressive album from Annie Keating, overflowing with poignant and revealing, finely-written songs. It’s tenderly meaningful folk Americana Make Believing by Annie Keatingexactly as it should be heard. Whether rocking out or softly-engaging, Annie’s sensual voice grips from the first, and that’s where the real beauty of this album lies, a singular touch makes it so easy to absorb.

Move with the intensely phrased ‘Coney Island’ evoking a pure memory worth sharing, grasp ‘I Want To Believe’ as it takes a pragmatic angle on life, and then roll with the essential narrative of ‘Foxes’ before the frank counsel of ‘Sink or Swim’ and ‘Know How To Fall’ ring so true. Lyrics that breathe life into their message, melodies that hold, with precisely-placed accents of organ and piano, pedal steel and harmonica embellishing exactly as required, ‘Make Believing’ will become my permanent default-replay for some time to come

Performing on ‘Make Believing’ are Annie Keating (vocals, acoustic guitars) joined on selected tracks by Jason Mercer (bass, double bass, banjo, shaker, acoustic guitar, mellotron, harmony vocals) Chris Benelli (drums, percussion) Trina Hamlin (harmonica, tambourine, harmony vocals) Chris Tarrow (acoustic and electric guitars, baritone guitar, pedal steel, harmony vocals) Matt Kearing (organ, piano) John Abrams (acoustic guitars, mandolin) and James Abrams (mandolin, violin, fiddle, banjo).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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