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‘Admissions’ from Any O’Neil and CeeCee – original, unusual and strangely compelling

(December 01, 2014)

The debut EP ‘Admissions’ from Any O’Neil and CeeCee, proves my long-held contention that CeeCeethese islands have a bottomless well of talent that continues to pour out distinctive new music. Although I have to confess these two were totally unknown to me, I suspect they’re known to many and already have a loyal following out there. I would also speculate that this EP will go a long way to further spread the word about this duo.

Their music is an original brand of indie nu-folk building an unusual and strangely compelling, warmly-layered sound around a varied instrument collection, which is no mean feat considering there’s only two of them. The other strength of their sound lies in its idiosyncratic and readily-recognisable lead voice coupled with an absorbing textured vocal interplay and involving harmonies. The result here is a four-song EP introducing a duo with the capacity to go far.

The EP begins with Spellbound Or Hellbound’ - instantly attractive, highly memorable and littered with catchy hooks demonstrating their vocal invention and involving harmonies. They repeat the technique with more of their involving lyrics, sweeping climaxes and insistent delivery in ‘Times Of Change’, adding some self-examination and questioning ‘Dear Future Self builds an absorbing intricate touch with its infectious chorus before they close with a slightly darker feel through ‘Evolution In Disguise’.

This is a strikingly original piece of work and wholly fulfils the criteria for any debut EP – it leaves you wanting more. Everything I’ve heard on ‘Admissions’ leads me to hope these two have an album waiting just around the corner.

Any O’Neil plays vocals, violins, guitar, keyboards and drums, while CeeCee takes care of backing vocals, bass guitar, percussion and flute – find them and their music here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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