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‘Traces’ by Deborah Henriksson – an entirely fulfilling spectrum of music

(December 02, 2014)

You know how it goes, you've never heard an artist and when you do the result makes you wonder how you could have missed their work. That's especially true when the music is so thoroughlyDeborah henriksson tranquil. This is an album to take time with. No haste, no urgency, instead allow yourself to relish a tranquil meander through some entirely spirit-invigorating music. Unwind life’s mainspring through the lush tones of Deborah Henriksson’s album ‘Traces’. The feeling of spaciousness from this album leads the listener through an entirely fulfilling spectrum of music, lifting the soul and soothing the spirit.

With strong Celtic overtones to music and voice, there’s an ethereal feel that moves the songs between fragile and vulnerable towards elemental and hopeful. The more you listen to Deborah’s voice the more you find yourself laying aside the weight of the day and slipping under a magical spell that quite simply makes everything better. From ‘Trains’ to ‘Traces’ through ‘Evening Star’ to ‘Eveline’you’re moving ever further into places that weave music and voice into a potion that echoes the restoring ‘draught of forgetfulness’ from Celtic myth. Listen to this and forget … everything.

Creating the moods on ‘Traces’ are Deborah Henriksson (vocals) and Mats Nyman (backing vocals, keyboards, synths) with Bengt Andersson (guitar) and Kent Ihren (backing vocals) on selected tracks.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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