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'All The Waiting While’ from Wookalily – engages, start to finish

(December 03, 2014)

Listening to ‘All the Waiting While’ from Wookalily, Belfast’s contribution to Americana, there’s an Wookalily album coverimmediate attraction that comes from the dramatic vocals, tight harmonies, insistent finger picking, searing strings and rattling percussion. That’s not to say this is album is all about how fast you can play, far from it, it’s more about delivering expressive songs with meaning that alternate ‘hard-driving’ with ‘relaxed-cruising’, while along the way you’re treated to some outstanding musicianship and accomplished songwriting. Apparently, the songs on the album represents the life and times of Wookalily – doubtless some interesting times if the songs speak accurately.

The album arrives at a pace with ‘Hands Pass In Time’ before the richness of ‘See Me For You’ slows things down, without hesitation ‘Don’t Speak Of The Devil’ takes hold of the reins, until the achingly beautiful ‘Diamonds And Gold’ returns that thoughtful mood once more. And that’s pretty much what you have here, a collection of songs that reflect the scope of this band and alternate between their moods and messages. Whatever the pace, the songs are steeped in meaningful lyrics surrounded by a musical web that sweeps and switches in perfect harmony. From the soulful suffusing of ‘Black Magic Doll’ and ‘Got Me On My Knee’ to the rapid-fire ‘Johnny Kicked The Bucket’ these songs simply engage start to finish.

Wookalily are Adele Ingram (songwriting, guitar, banjo, mandolin, backing vocals) Louise Potter (drums, percussion, backing vocals) Lyndsay Crothers (lead vocals, guitar, electric bass, percussion, djembe) and Sharon Morgan (lead guitar, banjo, mandolin, double bass).

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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