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‘Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening’ - Angeline Morrison & The Rowan Amber Mill

(December 13, 2014)

Noted for their many and intriguing excursions through the darker, supernatural and mystical sides of bucolicSilent Night Songs for a Cold Winters Evening 1folkadelia, The Rowan Amber Mill with Angeline Morrison, have released a slightly less-eerie-than-usual, somewhat less enigmatic but equally mysterious and thoughtful celebration of the festive season, ‘Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening’. Despite its twinkly Christmas promise it’s not a revel of lights, presents and jollity, it’s a pastoral idyll that takes you into an exclusive world populated by enchantment and inscrutability. It’s a re-imagining of some carols and songs that although linked to Christmas, expound an enchanted, faintly fey and illusory quality – a different slant but wholly in keeping with anything The Rowan Amber Mill has produced to date.

Throughout their atmospheric, ethereal take on ‘Silent Night’ through the dreamlike meandering of ‘Cold Winter Morning’ complete with its ghostly whispering voices, the softly engaging tradition of ‘I Saw Three Ships’ to the long-honoured ancient English drinking ritual encapsulated in ‘Wassail’ and the soaring instrumentation and echoing chant within ‘Sleepy Woodyard’ there remains a feeling of alchemy at work.

‘Silent Night Songs for a Cold Winter's Evening’ is available as a limited edition CD exclusively available from the Millersounds online shop: as a download version from Bandcamp:

Do you know someone that loved what’s come before from The Rowan Amber Mill? You do, then they’ll love this. Perhaps not the 'standard' Christmas present for everyone but definitely worth giving to fans of this inimitable band.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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