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Submit material for review: FolkWords reviews albums and EPs - NOT singles, NOT individual tracks and NOT You Tube videos. We only review 'new' material - older releases are rarely 'news'. So if you decide to send us a recording that's several month's old we're unlikely to devote space to review it. We are pleased to receive downloads (please read the paragraph below) or hard copies at our online or 'earthbound' addresses, which you will find on the 'Contact' page.

What to send: We will listen to hard-copies or downloads. However, due to the distortions of mp3 and download files if you have a CD please send that for peference. A hard copy also means the reviewer can review the entire package from 'sounds-to-artwork'; there's usually more artist/ band information and frequently lyrics as well. Where artists' work is only available through download please send us an accompanying email with artist information, details of musicians involved, instruments played, track listings and lyrics (if available).

What you'll get: If we think the music is good we'll say so - if we don't, we won't. We don't indulge in pointless 'artist bashing' as we reckon there's enough negativity in the world without adding more but we don't mince our words. If we don't have some constructive observations to offer we won't say anything at all - so if we really don't like it, it's unlikely we'll write about it. However, we write as we find so if you don't like our observations - well there it is.

Two requests: 1. Please don't send us material that's 'as old as the hills' - just because you've found us on the web and fancy another review of an old album doesn't mean we'll review it - all that happens is it goes in the bin. 2. Please don't let your PR agency send us multiple emails constantly asking if we received their press release, intend to review your album or chasing us for a publication date. Everything we receive is considered - and we do mean everything - it takes time and not everything makes it on to the site.

Our guarantee: FolkWords reviews are free, honest, unbiased, fair, written without influence or corporate contamination, and we're happy to stand by what we write. All submissions are reviewed on an 'as received' basis, so sometimes there's a bit of a backlog. Never fear, if you've sent it to us and we've received it, we'll listen - and if we like what we hear we'll post a review. 

Please note: FolkWords is unable to return any material submitted for review.

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